Residents in the Lincoln area have reported trouble with a grizzly bear that has been rummaging through clover, winter wheat, bird seed and garbage.

Information program manager with Fish Wildlife and Parks Vivica Crowser says that "because the bear didn't have a long history of close interaction with backyards and human attractants, the bear was trapped, given an ear-tag and relocated to a remote area in the northwest part of the State."

FWP Bear Management Specialist, Jamie Jonkel, says that “Right now bears are busy looking for berries and as they do, they are visiting the valleys near our homes and roadways,” Jonkel says. “Unfortunately, sometimes they find easier backyard food sources along the way, so as a homeowner, it is really important to keep these things secured.”

Montanan's dealing with bears should contact Fish, Wildlife and Parks to report incidents and to learn more about deterrent systems such as bear-resistant garbage cans and electric fence kits that may be need to keep attractants off-limits.