If you’re like me, then you probably find it difficult to find something just right for dad for his special day. It’s really difficult, if you’re trying to find something that the kids make and give to dad too. I’ve been trying to find some things for my boys to make for their dad this year and came across a few great ideas, so I thought I’d share them with you. Enjoy!


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Road T-shirt – Dad and kids will love this. Buy a plain white shirt and fabric markers and draw a road and a few buildings on the back. Kids get to play and dad gets a back rub. Moms think it’s great too because they don’t have to give dad a back rub. The shirt does the work for them. http://www.thedatingdivas.com/you-me/show-him-the-love/birthday-week-gifts-4-him/


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Coupons – These are a good old stand-by. Have your kids write up coupons for free things, such as a free backrub, free foot rub, free garage cleaning, free car cleaning or free breakfast in bed.


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Turn dad’s favorite shirt into his favorite pillow – If you ever made a pillow in home EC, then you can do this. If you want instructions, go to http://www.rufflesandstuff.com/2011/07/turning-t-shirt-into-pillow-tutorial.html


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Candy bouquet – Make dad a bouquet he’ll love – a chocolaty delicious candy bouquet. It only takes about eight candy bars, four boxes of Sugar Daddies, florist foam and some wood kabob skewers. Kids and dads will love this. The hardest part is keeping the kids from eating the candy! http://funkypolkadotgiraffe.blogspot.com/2011/06/sweet-fathers-day-bouquet.html