The Craig & Al Morning Show welcomed a guest Friday to talk about the 92nd Annual Memorial Day Parade in Corvallis. Doug Mason is an Army Ranger veteran and helps organize the parade. Doug told us the parade was started in 1920 by returning WW I vets. They gathered in the alley behind the blacksmiths shop, uncorked a bottle, passed it down the line, and when it got back to the front they stepped off on the first parade. As far as anyone can remember the parade has happened every year since then.

This year organizers would like to honor Iraqi Freedom vets. They’re asking anyone who is a vet of that period to join them. You can contact Doug Mason at 546-4244, or you can just show up in Corvallis around 9 Monday morning.

If you’re looking for a slice of Americana, this small towns honoring of veterans is something for you. It’s a full day of fun for the whole family. They have a pancake feed from 7-9:30 AM, and after the parade there’s a BBQ with all the proceeds going to the Wounded Warrior program.