Police are investigating a break-in and vandalism at an abortion clinic in Kalispell. Kalispell police Chief Roger Nassat said the crimes are still being explored:

"It appears that we had a break-in Monday night, and it was discovered Tuesday morning," Nassat said. "Last night, we took into custody a 24-year-old Columbia Falls resident by the name of Zachary Klundt. We are currently working with the FBI to determine what our appropriate charges are in result of the crimes."

Nassat said there were items taken from the All Families Healthcare Abortion Clinic. He added the FBI is helping flesh out the possibility of the burglary and robbery being a hate crime:

"At this point, we are still trying to determine why it occurred," Nassat said. "It is clear, at least, that the suspect knew it was an abortion clinic, so that may have played a part in it. Even though the suspect is talking to us, we are still trying to flush out the exact reasons."

Nassat said there are three FBI agents, one local agent and two from across the state assisting the Kalispell agency. He said it’s all a matter of time to see what the total investigation shows.