Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is trying to alert all hunters to some key changes in the 2012 preseason calendar. One of the biggest changes is that the deadline for residents and nonresidents to apply for deer and elk permits has been moved up to March 15. Drawings for those permits will now occur in mid-April instead of July. A complete list of important dates is included below.

February 16 FWP Commission addresses hunting districts with pending quotas
March 15 Deadline to apply for deer and elk permits (NEW)
March 15 2012 Season regulations available (ONLINE)
Early April 2012 Deer/elk/antelope regulations available (PRINTED)
Mid April Drawing for deer and elk permits
May 1 Deadline to apply for moose, goat, sheep, and bison licenses
June 1 Deadline to apply for antlerless deer B, elk B, and antelope licenses
July 16 Drawing for antlerless deer B and antlerless elk B licenses