All fourteen of the pro-gun bills presented to the Montana legislature this session were crafted by Gary Marbut of the Montana Shooting Sports Association (MSSA) headquartered in Missoula.

Fourteen may sound like a lot, especially since so few Montanan's ever attempt to craft a bill, but these bills are just a continuation of a tradition for the Marbut. So far, MSSA has crafted 58 bills that not only made it to the legislature, they made it through the legislature successfully.

Gary Marbut:

In a recent conversation, Marbut says he will bring a new resolution to both the House and the Senate in the coming weeks with the goal of "encouraging firearms manufacturers in other states to move to Montana."

The target of the resolution are companies like the high-capacity magazine manufacturer Magpul in Colorado and Baretta in Maryland, both of which have threatened to leave their home state if certain restrictions are enacted.