Louisville Slugger

30 year-old Richard Mason of Missoula appeared in justice court Monday on a felony charge of aggravated burglary.

According to court documents, on December 22nd, a resident in his home on Sherwood Street  was awakened when his dog began barking in the kitchen.

The resident, Jason Mogseth, grabbed his Louisville Slugger baseball bat and confronted Richard Mason, who stated 'Dude, its (expletive) cold outside.' Mogseth told the intruder to leave and tapped him on the head with the bat. When Mason made a threatening move, Mogseth struck him on the leg, causing Mason to fall back and break some glass in a door. He then fled with Mogseth in pursuit.

Meanwhile, Mogseth's girlfriend had called 9-1-1, and police arrived to take statements from the residents. They searched the area and found Mason, transporting him back to the residence where Mogseth provided a positive identification.Police say Mason was intoxicated upon his arrest.

Justice of the Peace Karen Orzech released Mason on his own recognizance, after ordering him to have twice-a-day alcohol testing.

The aggravated burglary charge carries a maximum penalty of 40 years in prison and a $50,000 fine.