Last Saturday, Missoula county sheriff T.J. McDermott was responding to a noise complaint near the Wye when he became involved in a high speed chase.

"I noticed the vehicle didn't have a front plate, it had a very loud exhaust system, when I read the license plate it came back to a different vehicle," McDermott said. "When I attempted to initiate a traffic stop the driver became involved in a vehicle pursuit along with two other deputies."

Inside the suspicious vehicle were a male and female who rushed off to evade capture

"Speeds went up to about 95 miles per hour going up Evaro Hill, and then the pursuit ended up going down Mercer lane and the speeds were quite a bit slower, about 45 to 50 miles per hour, when ultimately the male driver drove through a fence and out into a pasture where both the male and a female fled ton foot," McDermott recalled.

Police apprehended the female who was turned over to tribal law enforcement for other pending charges. Heavy rain hampered the chase and search for the male suspect, even tracking dog couldn't pick up his scent. According to McDermott the male suspect is still at large and is described as a white male, between 25 and 35 years of age, wearing dark colored jacket and a baseball cap.