Missoula Law Enforcement conducted a high speed chase through Pattee Canyon and the South Side of Missoula that came to an end around 5:25 this morning near Splash Montana. Missoula County Sheriff’s Department Public Information Officer Brenda Bassett explained how the chase began.

“Our officer tried to initiate a traffic stop this morning at 5:08,” said Bassett. “A vehicle was speeding near the Deer Creek area so the officer turned around, turned on his lights, and tried to pull the vehicle over, but it accelerated in speed. That is when he turned on his sirens and the vehicle still didn’t stop so he notified other officers in the area and they all came to join the pursuit.”

Bassett says tack strips were laid down more than once, and at one point, the car was speeding through a residential area at 80 miles per hour. Three people were in the car, but only one of them was arrested.

“There were three occupants, but only one 26 year old was arrested,” Bassett said. “She was wanted for outstanding warrants, but is also likely to be charged with DUI, driving with a suspended license, eluding officers, two counts of criminal endangerment, and an assault on a peace officer. Those two other males that were in the vehicle were let go.”

Jezzica Kelly appeared in Municipal Court this morning and is scheduled to appear in Justice Court tomorrow afternoon.