What products/services do they rent to consumers?
They offer a variety of products, such as skid steers and excavation equipment by multiple companies including Cat, bobcat, Volvo, Quick Attach.

Do they also rent to businesses?
Absolutely. They rent equipment to homeowners and general contractors.
How do their prices compare to the competition?
Their prices are competitive. Please call them so they can help determine the best equipment for you.

How do I save money on costly repairs?
Keeping up on regular maintenance will save you from hazardous breakdowns that cost YOU time and money. Rocky Mountain Rental Specialists have a full-service center to repair many brands of pieces of equipment. They also work on all models of heavy trucks–plus metal and fabrication work.

Should I buy or rent heavy equipment?
This depends on your company’s needs, your ability to house and maintain equipment and the frequency with which you will utilize the equipment. Please contact one of their professionals to help determine what is your best course of action!