Mary Angela Collins, A health insurance agent and licensed health exchange navigator with Montana Health Insurance Experts LLC in Missoula, says that she has finally been able to use the website.

"I had something pretty exciting happen," Colins said. "I actually got a client through from start to finish. It worked perfectly. In my almost daily talks with the federal technicians who are trying to deal with the website, they said that was the first they had heard of from Montana. So that was a super pleasant experience. The website is beautiful when it works."

Despite her success, Collins says there are still major problems with

"The thing is, ordinarily, it's not that simple, and, to avoid frustration, I'm advising people to not even try until we have some indication that it's even going to work," Collins said.

Collins said she was able to get a plan approved on Tuesday, November 12, but only after calling tech support more than 50 times on other attempts.