After seeing bridges lit up at night while on a trip to Europe, a group of locals is attempting to make Missoula's bridges sparkle at night.

Spokesman for Light Our Bridges, Geoff Badenock, says he has already heard strong opinions from many Missoulians who question what the bridges may look like. "Don't turn our bridges into Las Vegas," is a common protest says Badenock. "I think that that's probably a standard we can all agree on."

Geoff Badenock:

Some have complained that the bridge lights could disrupt local fish habitat, while others say the lights will make dark areas near parks safer. Before anything is done however, there are some political hoops to jump through.

""All of the bridges in Missoula have different governmental jurisdiction," explains Badenock. "Some of the bridges are state bridges some of them are county bridges and some are under the jurisdiction of the city, largely through the parks department."

The Light our Bridges group is still doing research, but the walking bridge under Madison Street and the Van Buren Street bridge will likely be the first candidates for an illuminating face lift.