A group called Protect America’s Consumers began running ads in Montana this week, urging residents to be concerned about practices at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Protect America’s Consumers spokesman Steve Gates explains:

"[The CFPB was set up in 2011 to protect taxpayers when it comes to their finances. What has happened since its inception is that it is just overrun with overspending. There are a lot of things that taxpayers in Montana and around the country probably don't know about the CFPB. You know, they have any number of employees that make more than [Vice President] Joe Biden."

Protect America’s Consumers is targeting Senators Jon Tester and Gates believes he could be the key to reform.

"We think that Senator Tester would be receptive to the message of, let's not get rid of this agency, but lets ask some hard questions about the agency and the people surrounding it and we think that Senator would be an excellent person to do that."

According to Gates, the office building for CFPB features a waterfall and cost more to build than the Bellagio Hotel. He says the average salary at the CFPB is around $10,000 per month.