A Glacier National Park Employee was attacked by a grizzly bear while picking huckleberries Saturday afternoon.

“There was a park employee out picking huckleberries at dusk around 6:30 p.m or so when she surprised what was a grizzly bear sow and her cubs," Glacier National Park's Tim Rains said. "I believe that there were bite marks on the back legs and on the hands. It was very traumatic no matter which way you look at it. She's one tough cookie.”

Rains says the woman was able to walk on the trail until finding Park Rangers and had no life threatening injuries. Bears are highly active this time of year as they start preparing for hibernation and they are being spotted all over the park gathering food.

"Last I checked, Iceberg Lake Trail was closed," said Rains. "There was a grizzly bear sow and two cubs very similar that were eating the service berries on the trail. We have seen an increase in bear activity in high food source areas. If you are planning on visiting the park, especially this Labor Day weekend, be exceptionally aware if you are in a high food source area. Check our park website and information places for what trails might be posted for bears or closed for bears."

Glacier National Park’s previous bear attack was last September when a hiker surprised a grizzly bear and her cubs. As of Tuesday, Iceberg Trail was the only closure but seven trails have ‘bear frequenting’ postings.