It's uncommon for a fire to reach 3rd alarm status in which all fire crews in an a city are called upon to help fight a fire, but that's exactly what happened at 2:30 a.m. Monday morning in Great Falls.

Over 4,000 gallons of water and 35 personnel were needed to put a halt to a blaze that quickly spread to multiple businesses including Rioux Windows & Doors, Hutchinson’s Electrical, Nelson’s Insurance and Pretty Girls, an adult entertainment store.

According to city spokesperson Jennifer Reichelt, the property "in the 24 hundred block of 11th Avenue South" was damaged so badly that it is considered "a complete loss."

Fire crews took a defensive approach to fighting the fire because of a fear that the roof would collapse, which it did, though no one was injured because of precautions taken.

The fire did not spread to any more adjacent buildings and a National Guard team was called in to assist the city as a back up fire crew while all of the other crews were on the 3rd alarm call.

Interview with Jennifer Reichelt: