Missoula County Public Schools received a $393,000 grant  from the U.S. Department of Education that will be used to support the implementation of the Montana Behavioral Initiative into 4 of the schools. The money will be used to create behavioral and prevention programs to better assist disadvantaged students across the district. The schools targeted are Lowell, Hawthorne, Franklin elementaries, and C.S. Porter Middle School. These schools serve some of the highest numbers of disadvantaged students in the district. Response to Intervention Specialist for the district, Carol Ewen describes how the money will be used to help the students.


In addition, the grant will allow school and agency mental health professionals to be trained to deliver Cognitive Behavior therapy to assist students experiencing intensive emotional and behavioral difficulties, and tie these intervention plans into existing school-wide systems of support. Through this grant, educators will help students understand school expectations, how to cope with stress and emotions, and how to problem solve. Mental health professionals will extend lessons for students with additional needs and will reinforce appropriate behavior.