Montana Governor Steve Bullock appeared at the new site of the Missoula College on Wednesday to tout the state's growing economy and its partnerships to grow local and regional businesses.

"Just yesterday we released the annual Labor Day report put out by the Department of Labor and Industry and it points out that Montana is built really by the hands of workers," Bullock said. "That's all the way from the farmers and ranchers on the high line, to oil and gas in eastern Montana, to the teachers, the nurses, the professionals, the educators. It really is the working people that help guide our state through uncertain times."

Bullock pointed out job growth in the state.

"The state of our economy is certainly strong," he continued. "More Montanans are working now than ever before in our state's history. Our unemployment rate is a full point below the national average. Montana was recognized as the state with the most new business startups, and right here in this county there were 163 new companies last year alone."

Bullock pointed out the new Missoula College building now under construction as a source of new workers for the state's economy.

"That's everything from health care to welding, high-tech manufacturing and other areas," he said. "That's why we've gathered here today to highlight the good work to get our young folks trained for high-skill jobs in the construction fields. One of the many ways we're working towards that goal is through workforce development."

Missoula College Dean Shannon O'Brien said the over $30 million Missoula College will have a capacity of nearly 3,000 students, as opposed to the over 2,000 students packed into the present facility on South Avenue. The new Missoula College should be ready in just over a year.

Bullock's Republican opponent Greg Gianforte was also in Missoula today promoting his ideas for economic growth. He emphasizes the statistic that Montana is 49th in per capita income.