Gas Prices rose for the fourteenth day in a row but prices will remain lower than past Labor Day Weekends.

"What we can expect is the lowest prices than we’ve seen since 2004,"’s Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan said. " [Prices are] averaging just $2.32  in Montana today that’s quite a bit lower than last year when we averaged in at $2.68. It's going to be a fairly good Labor Day to hit the road."

Despite prices increasing over the course of the summer, prices at the pump are the lowest motorists have seen in over a decade for the Holiday weekend.


"Last year, though prices were 0.22 cents higher than the national average," DeHaan said. "It's been 12 years since the national average has been this low on Labor Day, that’s 2004. That's the last time we saw prices this low. So a lot of states are seeing something we haven’t in a long time."

DeHaan said using the Gasbuddy application on smart phones could save motorists anywhere between five to twenty five-cents per gallon. Fourth of July and Memorial Day also saw lower prices than previous years.