Gas prices continue to rise this week in Montana.


‘Well it looks like gas prices, similar to much of the country, spent the last week by rising an average of six cents a gallon,” said petroleum analyst Patrick DeHaan. “State wide average in Montana is $1.90 and those prices have gone up. In Missoula, you can still find gas as cheap as $1.85 with most stations charging $1.88.”


DeHaan predicts that the price will climb even more as refineries conduct spring maintenance and switch supplies to summer gasoline.


“I do suspect we will likely continue to see prices go up," DeHaan said. "Refineries are still doing maintenance and that will last for another month or month and a half. This the time over the next month and month and a half that we could see prices reacting especially as we continue this transition to summer gasoline and supply titans up a bit.”


The state wide average is still about nine cents a gallon lower than the national average which has risen to $1.99 a gallon.