Average retail gas prices in Montana jumped another five cents over past week reaching a total of $3.77 per gallon this week.

The price jump continues a trend of record high prices for the month of September.

Most forecasters predict a downturn in prices at the end of September when fuel cheaper winter fuel additives help drop the cost of gasoline production. However, according to Gas Buddy Petroleum Analyst Greg Laskowski a flare-up in middle east violence and the federal reserves new round of quantitative easing could keep prices high.

Petroleum Analyst Gregg Laskowski discusses the effect of quantitative easing and Middle East Turmoil on Montana's gas prices:

Gas prices throughout Montana are twenty five cents more expensive than they were at the same time both last month and last year. Though many may complain over the pump prices, they are still ten cents lower in Montana than the average price elsewhere in the country.