After a trap was found by some children on Missoula’s north side and reported on in the Missoulian newspaper, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks sent an investigative team to inspect. According to FWP Public Information Officer Vivica Crowser, the trap’s placement breaks a city ordinance.

"Fish, Wildlife and Parks did talk to the person who reported finding the trap and went out to the land this morning. it was on a parcel of private property within the city of Missoula. Within the city of Missoula there is an ordinance against setting a foot hold trap like the one that was found."

Crowser said the trap was small and would have a hard time injuring people or most pets.

"The trap was one that would probably be used, most likely, for a gopher, so it is pretty small and really not something that would pose danger to a person. It might hurt a little bit to have a hand caught in there, but you could easily remove it and it wouldn't cause damage, and the same thing for a dog."

Crowser said it was difficult to tell how old the trap was, and that it will be difficult to find the trap’s owner. The trap was handed over to Missoula officials for more investigation.