Now that John Walsh has withdrawn from the U.S. Senate race, Montana Democrats must pick a replacement and candidates appear to be popping up all over the state. Big names like Schweitzer, Lindeen, Juneau, and Bullock are unlikely to appear on the ballot, but there are more than a few others who have said they want to run. Dirk Adams lost to Walsh in the Primary, but says he's already working to get on the ballot.

“I'm in the race, I'm actively seeking the nomination,” Adams said. “The way the process works this time is that these 170 people: county chairs, county committee people... the executive board of the Democratic party... are each going to get one vote.”

Former State Legislator and MSU Political Science professor Franke Wilmer says she's also in the running.

“I would take it, I would come out swinging, I would hold Representative Daines accountable," Wilmer said. "I would be the first woman running for this seat, but I'd also be the most qualified senatorial candidate since Mike Mansfield."

An initial call to the remnants of the John Bohlinger for Senate campaign show that Bohlinger has interest in the race as well. Bohlinger placed second to John Walsh in the state primary.

Montana Democrats have less than 13 days to choose a new candidate and are expected to vote on the matter next week.