Four candidates will not see their name on the ballot come November due to some missing paperwork.

"It just means their name wont be on the ballot,"  Montana Commissioner of Political Practices Jonathan Motl said. "They're not serious candidates and our staff commissioners office made multiple contacts with them. They can only conclude that even though they did file with the secretary of state at one time as candidates, they no longer wish to be candidates."

Candidates are required to fill out forms that outline campaign donations. They are also required to report how they spend that money. Motl says this means some candidates will run unopposed.

"The four candidates that were listed in that letter and sent to the secretary of state did not file those reports," Motl said. "The one in Flathead running against Senator D. Brown was the Democratic nominee, he will not be on the ballot and senator D. Brown is unopposed as a Republican."

Democratic candidate Cody Casanza of Eureka, Democratic candidate Mary Meyer of Sidney, MT, and Libertarian Shannon Hanson of the Flathead region will also be taken off of the November ballot.