A lot of people are complaining about the onrushing fiscal cliff, but the situation is even worse for farmers who face the same economic difficulties with the addition of more uncertainties because the Farm Bill has not been passed.

Lobbyist for the Montana farmer's union Chris Christians describes the impact on Montana of this uncertainty on Montana farmers and why he is lobbying to get a Farm bill passed during this legislative session.

The looming estate tax has received a lot of attention from landowners, but Christians says there are lots of other concerns. "there are already 37 different pieces of the Farm bill that go away, including some of the conservation programs. One of the real important things that we all need to keep in mind is national food safety and to keep our rural economies in some sort of balance, because without that food prices certainly go up."

Christians argues that anyone who eats will be effected by the farm bill and the fiscal cliff. He is worried that if congress does not get a deal made, that rising food inflation and another recession will be in the near future.