At around 9 p.m. on Thursday, August 16 an explosion started a fire in the 4600 block of Edward avenue in Missoula.

According to Missoula County Sheriff's Deputy Bill Burt, the fire was started by an aerosol can that a brother and sister were using to water-proof their shoes. After the brother finished, he handed the can to his 10-year-old sister and when she began spraying, the can erupted. So far, investigators believe the water heater's pilot light caused the aerosol to ignite.

The girl suffered burns to her face and arms and Deputy Burt immediately drove the girl and her mother to Community Medical Center for medical attention.

While Burt departed, Missoula County Sheriff's Deputy Jared Cochran noticed smoke rising from the home and took a fire extinguisher into the basement where the laundry room laundry was spreading fire quickly.

Deputy Cochran managed to contain the fire saving two household pets and the home from major structural damage in the process.

Interview with Missoula City Deputy Bill Burt: