16 year-old Devon Morris, the teen charged with several counts of burglary and theft who escaped with an adult in a stolen SUV and was finally arrested after a high-speed chase in South Dakota, was recaptured Friday afternoon in Missoula.  Sheriff's Department Sergeant Bill Burt says Morris was apprehended after allegedly breaking into more vehicles overnight in the Target Range area. Burt asks that anyone in the area who may be missing items from their cars please contact the Sheriff's Department. Comments from Sergeant Burt can be heard by clicking below.

Deputy Missoula County Attorney Leslie Halligan says Morris was originally charged as a juvenile and released on $5000 bond and placed on home arrest. He left the area the day of his release, and a $100,000 arrest warrant was issued for Morris as an adult. He is being held in juvenile detention until he can appear before District Judge Dusty Deschamps.  Comments from Lesle Halligan are below.