Tomorrow, November 8, is Election Day, but according to petroleum analyst Patrick DeHaan, the outcome of the vote will likely have very little impact on gas prices.

"Surprisingly there has not been much talk in terms of energy policy from neither Clinton or Trump," DeHaan said. "There is the possibility that depending on which of those two make it into office there could be some very, very minor changes in terms of policy, that may ultimately have some rather insignificant impact on gas prices."

DeHaan says that prices in Montana are expected to stay relatively flat for a while, unless they spike in late November.

"Gas prices in Missoula, stayed basically stayed the same here in the last week, some of the lowest prices  two dollars and thirty four cents and two dollars and thirty five cents all across Missoula and not expecting that to change a whole lot," DeHaan said. "What is really something to look at, is not the presidential election but what will ultimately happen with OPEC with their meeting later in November."

DeHaan says the OPEC meeting is significant because they may publicly announce a cut in oil production which is expected to lead to a jump in prices.