A glitch in a federal government system made it impossible for many Americans to use their EBT (food stamp) cards over the weekend, but according to local shop owners, Missoulians didn't seem to experience any troubles at all.

"Everything is working just fine here," said Pattee Creek Market Owner Jim Edwards as one of his employees swiped an EBT card on Monday, October 14. "Every one of those types of programs will go down every once in a while, but it is running fine right now."

Edwards also said that the system had not gone down recently. Other local stores that accept EBT also said they had not experienced problems.

At least 17 states were effected by the glitch which appears to be unrelated to the stalemate in Washington. Although Montana Food Stamps have been unaffected so far, State officials warn that benefits may be at risk if the federal government doesn't make progress before the end of October.