Dr. David Bell, the Director of the Curry Health Center on the University of Montana Campus since 2002, has informed his colleagues of his decision to step down as director as of July 1st, and return to his duties as a clinician at the center. Dr. Bell cites his conviction in March of DUI per se as the reason for his resignation. He writes 'this event has cast a shadow on my ability to effectively lead an organization that is in part responsible for educating students about the consequences of irresponsible alcohol consumption.'

Dr. Teresa Branch, Vice President for Student Affairs says she has appointed Rick Curtis, an administrator at the Center for many years as the interim director, and he will serve for the 2013 fiscal year, at which point a national search will take place for a new director. Dr. Branch was kind enough to read Dr. Bell's letter for this interview. The audio of that conversation is below.

Dr. Teresa Branch