Talk Back is back, and it's time to get crazy! We've got an odd assortment of topics for the week... but I guess, by now, that's pretty normal. Here's what's on the menu:

On Monday, we will start off the week with a discussion about diabetes research and treatment with Missoula-area PhD. Carla Cox. Most of the day will be open phones though, so call us with your thoughts and issues.

On Tuesday, we will speak Lisa Jander author of the book Dater's Ed. Jander things that parents should severely restrict teen dating and proposes that courses need to be given to teens before they are set out into the world on their own (like Driver's ed courses... get it).

Wednesday is World Affairs Council on the radio... I'm not sure who are guest will be yet though, still need to ask Bob.

On Thursday, we will speak with Janine Blaeloch from the Western Lands Project. Blaeloch and the rest of the staff at WLP have been arguing that states should not take over management of federal lands from the federal government in most cases.

On Friday, we will close out the week with financial councilor Greg Harper from Rural Dynamics.