A three judge federal panel ruled against President Obama on Friday, overturning his recess appointments and writing that he abused his powers because the Senate was not actually in recess.

Constitutional fellow at the Independence Institute in Denver, Rob Natelson, says Obama's appointments to the National Labor Relations Board were improper because the Senate was not really in recess at the time. Because of the court's ruling, any and all decisions made by the three individuals appointed by the President are null and void.

Natelson says President Obama is perhaps the most aggressive chief executive since Richard Nixon when it comes to appropriating powers usually regulated to the legislature or the court. He says this move by the widely respected court sends a message to the President that other such moves in the future will be met with resistance by forces other than just the Republican Party.

He says the NLRB cannot operate without a quorum, so others will have to be nominated and approved through proper channels before the board can do its job.

Natelson is a regular guest on Talkback, and appears on the first Tuesday of each month.

Rob Natelson with the Independence Institute