"We talked about a lot of things," said Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke on the heels of his appearance at a Donald Trump rally in Billings, those conversations apparently also included Zinke's potential as a vice presidential candidate.

"We talked about it, but he has not made up his mind," said Zinke, who went on to discuss the electoral math. "Looking at the electoral college, I think Montana would be a stretch. He's going to play in 15 states that Republicans haven't played in before including New York and California.  I think he's going to win Florida, and in Ohio he's ahead... but you've got to win!"

Even though Zinke admits he'd be a long-shot pick, he does fit some of he roles that the public expects Trump to fill. As a veteran Navy Seal who often speaks on foreign policy, Zinke has more experience in a realm that Trump has mostly eschewed to focus on his domestic economy agenda. Zinke also plays the duel role of being a political outsider and an insider. His outsider cred is obvious, Montana is hardly normative in DC and there aren't many Navy Seals voting on federal legislation, but as a member of the House of Representatives and former leader in the Montana State Legislature, Zinke has far more political experience than Trump.

Zinke hinted that if he were picked to be Vice President, he'd fill the role.

"I will serve in any capacity I can. You know, it's funny, we we had a conversation about whether Trump should pick someone from Ohio, or Florida, but 'Zinke, you're from Montana,' well you know what? The Montana values, of not being told what to do... I think we're on the right side of this argument.

Trumps stop in Billings this week may be more evidence in Zinke's favor... it's very rare for a presidential candidate to make it out to the Big Sky State.