A recent investigation into violent and sexual offenders in Great Falls reveals that a significant number of them had failed to properly register. Attorney General Tim Fox said a joint operation involving the Montana DOJ and the great Falls Police department was able to find a majority of the noncompliant.

"There are about 506 registered sexual and violent offenders in Cascade County," Fox said. "There were about 60 of those that were non-compliant for various reasons. We were able to fine 40 of them and bring them into compliance, but through that process, I think the message goes out to these offenders that it pays to keep up with your registration."

This is the second compliance check on Great Falls violent and sexual offenders. Fox said that his office is coordinating with other police and sheriff’s departments for checks on other cities.

"Subject to the availability of the local law enforcement and their resources in any given community, we will certainly work with them to schedule these," Fox said. "We don't obviously broadcast when we're coming. All I can tell you is where there's non-compliant offenders out there, we're coming to your community soon."

Back in March, Yellowstone County was hit by a compliance check that found 95 offenders improperly registered. Missoula county has yet to see a compliance check.

Those interested in studying where violent and sexual offenders reside in their community can find more information on the SVOR page from the Montana Department of Justice.

 AG Tim Fox