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The Talk Back Weekly Line-Up, March 24 – 28
March is almost over and on Talk Back we plan on pushing winter out the door with a good gust of hot air. We'll be talking about everything from politics and healthcare, to human trafficking and murder. Here's the line-up.
20k Support Unwed Butte Central Teacher
A christian group, 'Faithful America,' has been gathering thousands of signatures to bring to the Diocese of Helena. They will urge the Bishop tomorrow to rehire the pregnant teacher who was fired for having a baby out of wedlock from Butte Central elementary school.
The Talk Back Weekly Line-up, Feb. 3 – 7
It's the beginning of February and that means we will be kicking off Talk Back in grand style with some of our most popular guests. Here's a look at who we'll be inviting into the Talk Back courtroom. Hear what they have to say and judge for yourself.
The Talk Back Weekly Line-up, January 27 – 31
It's a week of big speeches as the nation prepares for the president's State of the Union address on Tuesday. Of course, there's never a shortage of speeches on Talk Back, here's a peek at who'll be speaking over our airwaves this week.

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