The Talk Back Weekly Line-Up, October 27 – 31
It's the week of Halloween, and we've got a set of frighteningly good Talk Back shows prepared for the final week of October. Mwahahahahaha.....
On Monday, we start things off with some open phones and a conversation with Elaine Willman author of Going to Pieces: The Dismantling of the Unit…
Democrats Fundraise on Fear, My Inbox of Horror
Fundraisers for the democrats nationally and here in Montana are spending a lot of time scaring the pants off their supporters. Here's a brief look at the emails that are going into inboxes across the country.
The Talk Back Weekly Line-up, October 6 – 10
October just started, but it already feels like Halloween, especially after I found this black widow outside of my children's window. Yuck! We've got even more scary stuff to talk about on Talk Back and everything from the elections to Ebola and ISIS will be on the docket. Here's the …
The Talk Back Weekly Line-Up, September 22 – 26
Political season is heating up. Ballots have been sent out for military personnel, and absentee ballots for most Montanans will be out in less than two weeks. As usual, we will cover the big issues, debate, and let you throw around your opinion on this weeks Talk Back.

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