Tips to Making 2014 a Little Healthier than 2013
I managed to get a little healthier in 2013 than I was in 2012. I didn’t make any drastic changes because I knew I couldn’t stick with them. Instead, I chose to change one small thing at a time to slowly make some changes toward a healthier lifestyle...
The Talk Back Weekly Line Up, December 9 – 13
Brrrrr, looks like it will be another long week of ridiculously cold temperatures. Find a warm place next to a radio and we'll help you get fired-up with a new set Talk Back shows.
On Monday, we will kick off the week with a round of open phones...
Top Five Kids’ Travel Games for Long Car Rides [SPONSORED]
Traveling is rarely easy for parents. Giving the children something to do during the trip is absolutely key, but it's not always an easy task. For example, my daughter can't read or color during car trips because she gets car sick. My son can't read (because he's 3) and we don't want the kids vegeta…
The Talk Back Weekly Line Up, November 18 – 22
Here's a quick peek at what we're trying to get on the Talk Back show this week:
On Monday, we will have open phones as usual after 9:00. Before that we will speak with military vets from the United States of Hope about their work to help the Philippines recover  from the aftereffects …
Parenting 101
I remember as a child thinking that my parents knew everything. They always seemed to have the answers. Before I was a teenager, I looked up to them in awe of all that they knew. They were my heroes.
The Talk Back Weekly Line up November 11 -15
Thanks for your service veterans! This week on Talk Back, we will kick of the show by having vets, friends and family, share stories of military service.
On Tuesday, we will speak with Michael Moore the new coordinator for Missoula's 10 year plan to end homelessness...

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