The Talk Back Weekly Line-up, Feb. 3 – 7
It's the beginning of February and that means we will be kicking off Talk Back in grand style with some of our most popular guests. Here's a look at who we'll be inviting into the Talk Back courtroom. Hear what they have to say and judge for yourself.
5 Simple Super Bowl Snacks
I’m not a big football fan. However, if I’m going to force myself to watch one football game a year, it’s going to be the Super Bowl. There are only two good things about the Super Bowl: Food and Commercials. If it wasn’t for those two things my life would be blissfully free …
The Talk Back Weekly Line-up, January 27 – 31
It's a week of big speeches as the nation prepares for the president's State of the Union address on Tuesday. Of course, there's never a shortage of speeches on Talk Back, here's a peek at who'll be speaking over our airwaves this week.

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