Friday night, cannabis supporters held a meeting in Missoula to discuss their next step before they have to abide by the recent Montana Supreme Court ruling of medical marijuana law.

At the private meeting, more than a dozen cannabis providers and even some patients from across western Montana spoke about the recent decision that providers can sell marijuana to no more than three registered users each.

The Montana Supreme Court also upheld restrictions passed by state lawmakers in 2011 to review doctors who recommend the drug to more than 25 patients in a year and ban pot advertising.

People at the meeting told NBC Montana the main thing they are working on right now is education.

"We're going to make the public educated," event organizer and cannabis provider Glen Broughton said. "We're going to get some sites set up for people to go and see the studies that have been done over many, many years and try to get rid of the rhetoric where marijuana is bad and evil and all this stuff. If people would actually sit down and take the time to read these studies, I think it would change their minds, because this helps a lot of people."

Voters will help decide the future of marijuana in Montana. A proposed initiative aims to make it legal recreationally as it is in Washington and Colorado now. Supporters are gathering signatures to get that on the ballot next year. A second initiative modifies Montana's existing medical marijuana law, while a third proposal would outlaw cannabis altogether.