Former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer was on MSNBC this week, May 11, discussing the shooting of Diren Dede with host Craig Melvin. Schweitzer put scrutiny on homeowner and shooter Markus Kaarma, but not on Montana’s self-defense laws.

"He put up some motion detectors so he could entrap them," said Schweitzer of Kaarma. "Then, in complete darkness, he came outside with a loaded shotgun and he fired four shots into that garage without even seeing anybody and he killed a 17-year-old exchange student from Germany. The laws in Montana are not going to protect this guy."

Schweitzer did manage to make some political hay out of the conversation though, when the topic of National Rifle Association came up.

"Let's face it, the NRA stands for the National Republican Assembly, they don't support democrats when they run for office, they endorsed me when I won 65 to 32 when I ran for re election, but they didn't lift a finger to help me. They like it when there's a democrat in the White House because then they can sell a lot more guns and a lot more ammunition because they scare their members."

Schweitzer isn’t the only Montana Representative appearing on national news, Missoula representative Ellie Hill was on Al Jazeera earlier this month and was scheduled to speak with MSNBC host Al Sharpton last night.