Missoula County Commissioners signed off on the first round of bids for the Fort Missoula Regional Park this week. City of Missoula Parks & Trails Design/Development Manager, Neil Miner has details.

"The county commissioners have signed the award of the 23 bid packages to complete phase one of the fort Missoula regional park, which is the western most half of the park that is just west of the existing fort Missoula park," said Miner. "This phase is about $12.8 million."

Miner says a bunch of dirt work and grading has been going on since October, here’s the work that will be going on now that the bids have been approved.

"10 or 11 multipurpose fields, rugby pitch, artificial turf field, soccer, football, lacrosse, and rugby fields," Miner said. "Two playgrounds, a big pavilion and gathering space, two pubic right a ways, the round about on South Avenue, one park boulevard and a big open space area with enhanced parking."

Pictures of the plan and a detailed plat map of how Fort Missoula Regional Park is expected to look can be seen on our website at Newstalk KGVO DOT COM.

Photo courtesy of Neil Miner