Okay, so these may not be the best Montana, songs, because apparently there are not that many songs written specifically about Montana, however, some of them are amusing. I guess to get a lot of songs written about you, you need to be the biggest state like Texas or the home of country music like Tennessee or maybe have the biggest population like New York. We may not be any of these things, but I still think we live in the best state. Here are our songs. Enjoy.



“Montana” – I had never heard this song until I started searching for songs about Montana. There could be a reason why I have never heard of it before. It’s not that great. It’s about a guy moving to Montana to be a dental floss farmer. Amazing.



“Meet Me in Montana” – The quintessential Montana song. Classic. Who doesn’t know this song? Even if you are not a child of the ‘80s and don’t know who Donnie and Marie Osmond are, you still know this song. It’s pretty much the law that to be a Montana resident, you must know this song.



“Montana Song” – I hadn’t heard this song before either, but I’m sure any hardcore Hank Jr. fan has. I’m more of a “Country Boys Can Survive” or “Family Tradition” kind of gal myself. Of course, this song is about deep snow and lost love in Montana.



“Montana on My Mind” – This song describes everything about Montana from huckleberries to pine trees and paint horses to the Rocky Mountains. The singer just cannot stop thinking about Montana, no matter how hard she tries.