[/caption]Senator Max Baucus visited the Red Cross shelter in Billings on Monday. Senator Baucus took time out of his scheduled visit in Montana to visit shelter evacuees, primarily from the Crow Indian Reservation.  Senator Baucus toured the shelter site, visited with some clients and Red Cross volunteers and helped serve lunch from the Salvation Army Feeding vehicle which supports the Red Cross disaster response in Montana.  Baucus identified the teamwork effort in the disaster response, “We all work together, it’s all teamwork.  We come together when there’s a tragedy.”  Speaking directly to Montanans, Senator Baucus said, “Frankly, I’m stunned at the tragedy; I’m overwhelmed with the generosity of the response; Montanans helping with the response and the Red Cross with their organizational skills.  The business community and others have donated so much of their time and resources to fill the need and it’s a wonderful feeling.”  Regarding the Red Cross, the Senator commented, “I think the Red Cross is a premier disaster response agency in America.  We’re very lucky as Americans to have the Red Cross do what it does; it’s the standard-bearer and it sets a high bar.  If it weren’t for the Red Cross I don’t know who would step in and fill the void.  It’s inspirational.”

For more information about the Red Cross relief efforts in Montana you may call 1-800-ARC-MONT (272-6668) or visit their website at www.montanaredcross.org.  For additional guidance on flood safely please visit: www.redcross.org

Story from the American Red Cross