Patty Lovaas, the Missoula CPA who filed a lawsuit over the results of the 2011 Mill Levy election told me today the court granted her permission to see a limited number of absentee ballots, however, Lovaas alleges that the ballots have been tampered with by county workers. My interview with Ms. Lovaas is attached (due to technical difficulties, my voice cannot be heard.) I then contacted Vicki Zeier, Missoula County Clerk and Recorder, and Deputy Missoula County Attorney Dori Brownlow for their response. That interview is also attached.

Zeier, Brownlow and Missoula County Administrator Anne Hughes all maintain that none of the ballots have been tampered with.  The matter has now been turned back over to the court and Judge Ed McLain.

Ms. Brownlow provided the following court documents in response to the charges by Patty Lovaas. (Click here to view the documents.) below for comments from Patty Lovaas

Now, click below for the County's response