Authorities are still searching for a convict that managed to break out of the Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge.

"At approximately 11:00 am July 1,  we had an inmate by the name of Dean Randolph Jess who escaped from Montana State Prison," said Montana State Prison Spokeswoman Linda Moodry. "He was working for our motor vehicle maintenance center on a service call when they discovered he left prison property. He was supposed to meet a supervisor. He did not show up but his vehicle was found, so at that point we notified staff."

Jess was able to make his escape because he had access to the prison ranch, an area that is not double fenced and which has looser security standards. Jess had worked the same maintenance job he used to escape since 2006 and was considered to be on good behavior. Moodry says Jess is not the first prisoner to escape by taking advantage of the prison ranch.

"In 2011, and 2008 we also had an escape from the ranch. All of these inmates, these last ones I have mentioned, have been apprehended. One inmate got as far as right outside of Deer Lodge," said Moodry. "We always like any lead that anyone from the public can provide to us because even a small lead will help, so I hope people will let us know if they see anything."

Jess is described as a bald Caucasian weighing about 180 pounds. He stands about five feet ten inches tall and has green eyes.  When he escaped, he was wearing a blue shirt and blue pants. He was placed in prison because of incest and failure to register as a sex offender. Moodry says that procedures on how to deal with inmates on the ranch will be addressed during an upcoming prison staff meeting.

Linda Moodry: