56-year-old Mark Bennett has not been heard from since August 17 and is presumed missing in either Missoula or Lake County.

Bennett was traveling from Oklahoma to Glacier National Park when all contact with family ceased last Friday.

Authorites believe that Bennett is in Missoula County or Lake County because of research done by Seely Lake Deputy Bob Parcell and AT&T. By using a "ping" method Parcel was able to get the rough location of Bennett's cell phone. The ping came back from the St. Mary's Lake area, but searches in that area have not turned up any leads.

According to Missoula County Public Information Officer Jason Johnson, Bennett has "medical conditions" which are a cause of some concern.

Bennett was driving a white, 2006 Chevy Silverado pickup.  The pickup had Oklahoma License plates with the following number: 591-EUA. Bennett was also towing an "egg-shaped" camper and had two dogs with him.

Authorities are working with the family to obtain a photograph, which we will post as soon as possible.