Photo courtesy of Gravitywave/Flickr

Only hours after sensitive documents were portrayed to be located at Montana's Office of Political Practices by the PBS documentary Big Money, Big Sky, it appears that someone attempted to break into that office around 8:30 Halloween Evening.

Full interview with Commissioner of Political Practices Jim Murray:

Commissioner of Political Practices Jim Murray says that "capital security people had seen a light was left on in the basement where we keep files archived." 

At first, it was assumed that an employee might have left the light on, but on a later drive by the office it was noted that the front door was left ajar.

Murray says that the documents featured in Big Money, Big Sky were not located at the office and indicated that they were "in a secure place."

"This building is very insecure, anyone that wanted to get in here could do it," said Murray. "it's something we've talked to legislators about and it should be secure not only for our purposes, but candidates for example that are sending information to our office. That should be in a secure place, there's just no question about that."

Although the investigation is still ongoing, so far, no papers or valuables appear to have been stolen.