Director of Athletics for the University of Montana, Kent Haslam commented this morning on the status of University of Montana sophomore and Griz basketball player Kevin Henderson.

20-year-old Henderson was pulled over on Sunday evening.

"All we really know is that we had a student athlete that was stopped and charged with a misdemeanor DUI along with operating a vehicle without a tail light," says Haslam. "We now, as an athletic department, will consider those actions and make a decision based on the student athlete code of conduct and levy out the punishment that is required"

Kent Haslam:

The University of Montana student code of conduct considers a misdemeanor DUI as a category two offense. First time category two offenses are punished by a minimum one game suspension.  According to Haslam, the four members of the athletic conduct team will "move as quickly as we can" to reach a decision on Henderson's case.

Henderson appeared in court on February 4 for the misdemeanor DUI, which has been called a "baby DUI." Under Montana law, individuals under the age of 21 who have a blood alcohol content between .02 and .08 are considered to be over the legal limit even though .08 is the legal limit for those over the age of 21.

Haaslam says he has had an opportunity to speak with Henderson after the misdemeanor and that they had a "good conversation."