Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock has issued a warning about a new credit card scam. This scam uses the threat of alleged credit card fraud to commit actual credit card fraud. Spokeswomen for the Attorney General Jenny Mckee  urges  Montanans never to give out personal credit card information over the phone.

The scam goes something like this:  The person calling  claims to be from a victim's credit card company stating suspicious charges have appeared on the victim's account. The caller then instructs the victim to call another number to report the fraud and clear the charges.

The second number is also part of the scam....The person who answers that call, claims to be able to eliminate the charges and often reports that the victim's card has been cleared of the purchases.

At some point, the scammer asks for the victim's credit card number and three-digit security code. With that information, the scammers then begin charging actual fraudulent charges to the victim's credit card.

Anyone who receives a suspicious phone call about credit card charges, and has doubts about the caller's legitimacy, should hang up and call the toll-free number on the back of your credit card.