The Gold Creek Fire north east of Missoula is at nearly 100 percent containment. Incident management team spokesman Rodger Peterson describes what crews are doing on the ground now.

"There's still a few crews on there, they're making good headway on it. They're in a mop up status; getting any smoldering spots within the fire perimeter. They also had a small three-quarter acre spot fire that they made good progress on over the weekend."

The Gold Creek Fire has been burning for over two weeks. It was started by a lightning strike on Monday, July 15 and has been burning through trees, brush and fire fighting funds since then.

"the acreage currently on the Gold Creek Fire is 171 acres and it's currently at 98 percent containment. There a total of 59 firefighting personal assigned to it. The estimated cost of the fire so far is $2. 3 million.

Despite reaching near -full containment, a type three incident management team will remain on the Gold Creek Fire for at least the next few days.