While a bill that would repeal the medical marijuana law in the state got a hearing on Wednesday, medical marijuana advocates are saying that the legislature can reform the law. Tracy Quinn, a spokesperson with the Montana Caregivers Network says that the law "needs to be cleaned up". Quinn says that there are some bills that would accomplish that goal.

Quinn says the legislature is considering repealing a law that Montana voters approved.

Quinn says that a full repeal could be damaging to the economy, saying that medical marijuana has become a thriving industry in Montana, and repealing the law would put some caregivers and those that work at dispensaries out of work. Group members that oppose the medical marijuana law say this is not what Montanans’ voted for. Safe Community Safe Kids staff member Laura Needham says reforming the law is not the answer.

Needham says Billings has 11 marijuana dispensaries within 1,000 ft of their schools.